Services for Graduate Students

College Primers is proud to offer services for potential graduate students! We help you with the following aspects of the graduate admissions process: Choosing a graduate or professional program Law school MBA program Medical school Masters program PhD program Picking


Services for High School Students

At College Primers we focus on helping you find the educational experience that’s best for you and support you throughout the process. Most students take advantage of our Comprehensive Package, but if you require assistance with only specific aspects of


Services for Schools and Organizations

College Primers is available to offer to workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects related to the college admissions process to your high school, business, parent group, or professional organization. Possible session topics include, but aren’t limited to, the


Test Preparation Services

At College Primers, we understand that preparing for college entrance exams can be overwhelming, especially given that future educational and career plans are directly influenced by one’s success. Our ACT test prep services will teach you the following, and more:

Our Mission

Choosing which college to go to is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Your college experience will open up for you a whole world of new ideas and friends. It’s thrilling and a little scary at the same time. This transition can be a huge step for both you and your parents. College Primers is here to highlight the excitement of the process and support you through the challenges.

We combine over twenty-five years of experience in higher education with decades of advising and counseling thousands of students across the country for the college admissions process. The Independent College Consultants at College Primers help you find the college environment that best fits your unique personality so that you can focus on your future.


Thanks for your support and thoughtfulness! Your wealth of information in helping us through this college process has been unbelievable. But most of all your support for me in calming my nerves and talking me through things has been greatly appreciated!
B. C. – Parent